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Zaftig Delilah White is happy with herself and her job as a producer and sometime demonstrator on a domestic-home-life television program in New York. That changes when the executive producer retires and both Delilah and her nemesis, Margo Hart, vie for the job. Although Delilah believes that the best person will get the job, the pressure is getting to her so she looks forward to spending the Fourth of July with her best friend and coworker, Sofia, at her parents' Catskills getaway. Unfortunately, Margo--slim, surgically enhanced to perfection, and cutthroat--decides at the last moment to join them. As Margo flexes her claws, Delilah finds who she thinks may be the man of her dreams if he only doesn't fall for the stunning and duplicitous Margo. The holiday culminates in one of fiction's most hilarious and outrageous parties as Gold proves that sometimes nice things do happen to nice people in this fun and uplifting story starring a domestic-arts heroine for the ages.
Patty Engelmann
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Gold takes chick lit office politics along on a country weekend in this affable debut about a size-12, 33-year-old aspiring Martha Stewart. After her boss announces her impending retirement, Delilah White finds herself in the running to become executive producer at Domestic Bliss, a TV show that's filmed in New York City but aims the catchphrase "Now that's bliss" at middle-aged, middle American women. Her competition: Margo Hart, a high-maintenance redhead who's not willing to go down without a fight. When the rivals end up at the same Fourth of July gala in the Catskills, they call a truce and Delilah scores a date with the hostess's cute cousin, Jack. But the women can't play nice for long, and the battle of the domestic divas sets the pace for a fun and breezy read. It's easy to root for Delilah as she schemes to put Margo (a believable but consistently evil villain) in her place. Meanwhile, Delilah may have found something worth pursuing with Jack-if only she can figure out where they stand. The ending leaves the door open for a sequel. (Feb.)
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Delilah White may not have it all, but what she does have is "bliss." Bliss, as in Domestic Bliss, the name of the television show for which she has become an idol to millions of American would-be Martha Stewarts. Her fantastic boss Agnes and her best friend Sofia, the production designer, give her all the support she needs. But when Agnes ventures off the show for greener pastures, her spot as executive producer is open suddenly, and Delilah, the perfectionist, learns she has to remove her kid gloves to make the kind of impression that will win her this coveted promotion.

Naturally, someone stands in Delilah's way: Her nemesis Margo, the girl-with-runway-model looks, also wants the job. Thus ensues a nasty race for the top-dog spot, culminating in some particularly nutty antics at Sofia's wealthy family's Catskills estate, where the Fourth of July festivities mix rather poorly with love, liquor and lies.

You can read this on a train or in a plane. In fact, I think The Perfectly True Tales of a Perfect Size 12 is the kind of book you can read while straphanging between boroughs on the New York City subway system. Robin Gold's debut is a veritable treasure trove of funny plot lines concerning the stealing of and lying to boyfriends, the way women stick together in a time of crisis (or not), rich people being completely and wonderfully goofy because they have money, the way that drunk women in slinky shoes can't make it across a summer lawn without falling flat on their faces, the misunderstanding of the boss for whom someone has been working for so long, having a crisis of confidence when the good employee suddenly turns "bad" or seems to... The list can go on and on. This is a fun book and a fast read, mostly because you'll recognize everybody in it.

The one thing that it relies on to make it stand out is the fact that Delilah is a size 12. Imagine that! She's a full-fledged, full-figured 12 who catches a guy's eye and feels good about herself in dresses that really hug her curves. So, I guess we could call this Jennifer Weiner-lite. Delilah eats like a regular human, and we cringe when she gets called "porky" or "fatty" in public.

I think what is most intriguing about this book is that, like an old episode of I Love Lucy, slapstick and pathos mix together in an old-fashioned tale about how the good get what they really want and the bad get what they really deserve. She describes the weekend craziness in pitch-perfect detail, and Sofia's family — especially Delilah's love interest, cousin Jack — seem ready-made for Central Casting. But you won't be bored. The story moves quickly, and, before you know it, all the world is right again.

So, for those of you lucky enough to get a winter resort vacation, take Delilah along. Put this one in your beach bag and enjoy it with a silly tropical drink or two or three — just like Delilah and Sofia (or Lucy and Ethel) would if they were there!

Jana Siciliano
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The Perfectly True tales of a Perfect Size 12 tells of the adventures of Delilah White, a producer for a television show called Domestic Bliss. She loves her job, has great friends, and is happy with her size 12 figure. Delilah seems to have everything going for her, even if she doesn't have a boyfriend at the moment. Delilah knows that there is more to life than a size 2 waist and a hunky guy hanging on your every word.

When Delilah's boss, Agnes, decides to move on, Delilah comes up for the big promotion. But so does her work friend Margo, and that is where it gets complicated. Margo is determined that she will get the top position and plans to ruin Delilah's chances to get there. While what was once a friendship turns into a rivalry, the battle field moves from the office to a 4th of July bash in the mountains.

Delilah and Margo both accept Sofia's invitation to spend the 4th in style at her parents' mountain home. Sofia's family is well-off and they have a party planned to end all parties with all of her family in attendance, including her handsome cousin Jack. Sofia nudges Jack and Delilah in the general direction of each other and they instantly hit it off. But Margo is not going to let Delilah have a nice, relaxing weekend.

Margo is everything that Delilah is not, including being a complete and total psycho. But even though Delilah might be too nice to extend her claws her friend Sofia is not. Sofia catches Margo out in several of her lies to get to the top and the final confrontation is wonderfully hilarious. I laughed out loud as I turned pages and wished more than anything that I didn't work in an office full of men so I could share the fun.

Delilah White is wonderful; she is one of the most realistic characters I have come across in the many 'chick lit' novels I have read. She is human with human strengths and weaknesses and when someone calls her fat you really feel it. And Jack? Well Jack is fantastic. Robin Gold has written a dream relationship with these two characters, the flutter of first love even with the flaws.

There is a good balance here, wonderful humor and a few heart-clenching moments, and everything is tied up nicely. The slap-stick comedy was light and often hilarious. I smiled, I laughed, I had a wonderful time reading this book. What are you doing this summer? You should be reading The Perfectly True tales of a Perfect Size 12.

Katie McNeill
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Named one of the best beach reads!

The charming Perfectly True Tales tells the tale of Delilah White: a sharp, creative and spirited gal who works for Domestic Diva, a Martha Stewart-meets-Rachel Ray DIY show. Delilah and her pal Sophia head for a much needed mini-break at Sophiaís family estate, but the arrival of an unexpected guest shakes up more than just their martinis. Perfectly True Tales takes a chapter or two to get into the characters, but once you do youíll be hooked as Delilah fights (tactfully of course) to get the promotion and guy of her dreams.

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Robin Gold's debut, The Perfectly True tales of a Perfect Size 12 isn't perfectly true at all - it's a novel and a very sweet and funny one it is too.

Delilah White is a producer on a Martha Stewart style homemaking show called Domestic Bliss. Her mentor and the show's executive producer, Agnes De Ville is leaving and the coveted executive producer position is going to either Delilah or another producer named Margo Hart.

But just for the weekend Delilah's not going to worry about that, instead she's going upstate to spend the 4th of July weekend with her best friend Sofia (who also works at Domestic Bliss) for Sofia's extremely rich family's Independence Day celebrations.

Delilah's having a wonderful time - she's relaxed, she's happy, she's met a gorgeous man - but then Margo turns up and Delilah learns that the competition for executive producer is much hotter, and meaner, than she'd anticipated...

I really loved this book. It's written in quite an unusual style. I can't really describe it except that there's a lot more "telling" than "showing", but because Robin Gold has such a great voice, it works (it also makes for a shorter, and possibly sweeter, book).

Delilah is a lovely character. She could have been too perfect, but somehow (and, again, I'm not sure how) Gold makes it work and within pages I was mad about her. It made me laugh out loud more than once (it features the best - if not the only - bouncy castle scene I've ever read) and the last page made me cry.

I have only one criticism. The title. Yes, Delilah is a "perfect size 12" (UK 16) but she's happy with that. She doesn't spend the book worrying about her weight or trying to diet, she's comfortable with who she is. So why mention it in the title?

Apart from that, The Perfectly True tales of a Perfect Size 12 is a charming, old-fashioned and inspiring book. It's also the first book for a long time that I actually read while walking down the street!

Rating: 5/5
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Debut author Robin Gold has written a funny yet touching story about one woman’s journey to self-discovery and love.

After working hard on the hit daytime show Domestic Bliss both as producer and host, Delilah White is more than ready for a vacation. Her plan is to get some R&R with her best friend, Sofia, at Sofia’s summer house in the Catskills. Unfortunately, there’s a monkey wrench in this plan, and that wrench is named Margo Hart. Margo is another producer on Domestic Bliss, and she’s the antithesis of Delilah. To say they’re not fond of each other is an understatement. What should have been a relaxing vacation is turning into an off-stage power struggle. The only silver lining of this particular dark cloud is that there just might be a romance waiting for Delilah around the corner.

THE PERFECTLY TRUE TALES OF A PERFECT SIZE 12 is an engaging story that showcases Robin Gold’s ability to turn a witty phrase. The characters are well-drawn and very likeable – or hate-able, in Margo’s case. The first-person present point of view is distracting, but with time I was able to adapt. It is also refreshing to see a “plus-sized” female who is quite happy with her shape take to task those who think she is not the “right” size.
Jilian Vallade
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From Round Table Reviews
As one of a rotating selection of producer/hosts for the popular show Domestic Bliss, Delilah White is ready for vacation. She and her buddy/co-worker, Sofia Trawler, are heading to Sofia's family's summer home in the Catskills for some much needed R & R. One of the key figures at Domestic Bliss is calling it quits and Delilah and another producer, Margo Hart, are the only two being considered for a this promotion. Margo is becoming increasingly annoying, and Delilah can't wait to get away for a while.

Sadly, Margo decides that she is going to join these women on their vacation after telling them there was no way she could attend the 4th of July festivities. What should be a relaxing time for Delilah and Sofia turns into a battle of wits. All the while, there is romance on Delilah's horizon and balancing romance and revenge do not go hand in hand.

THE PERFECTLY TRUE TALES OF A PERFECT SIZE 12 is a witty, occasionally aggravating, tale that often has the reader wanting to climb into the book to strangle Margo. Margo is the popular girl you hated in school who's turned into a deplorable adult. Author Robin Gold introduces some impressive characters, and it is easy to love or hate them. By the time the book ends, they feel like family and you are sad to see them go.

Delilah is considered a "plus-sized" size 12. Knowing many size 12's, I have never understood the brain power behind calling a size 12 "plus sized," yet it happens constantly. It is nice to see Robin Gold create a character who is happy with her appearance and refuses to acknowledge people who feel that size 12 women are fat. I certainly hope that this is only the beginning of Delilah's adventures!
Tracy Farnsworth
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From Midwest Book Review
Robin Gold's character Delilah White is fabulous and funny. Gold's book and Delilah show us the behind the scenes action involved with making a television show about domestic life, especially in New York! Some of Delilah's heroines are Mrs. Fields and Martha Stewart. Delilah White's sidekick Sofia Trawler helps her out of several scrapes throughout the book. The head of production on the TV show, Agnes, is going to resign. She announces that she is going to pick the next producer, Delilah or Margo. Margo becomes very competitive. Margo has always been jealous of Delilah's ease with Agnes but never saw her as a threat because of her size 12 stature. Margo begins to sabotage Delilah. However, Sofia happens to overhear Margo talking about how she is going to ruin Delilah's chances at the promotion. She decides to keep an eye on Margo during the Trawler annual 4th of July Celebration weekend.
Sharame Vodraska
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Delilah White, a perfect size 12, has no problems with the way she is. A semi famous television domestic diva, her boss one day announces her retirement and Delilah feels itís now her time to climb the professional ladder. Sheís soon pitted against her rival, Margo Hart, for this coveted promotion and office politics become heated. Delilah escapes for a weekend at her friendís estate in the Catskills. Two surprise houseguests threaten to turn her whole world upside down. With all her charm and ingenuity, she struggles to negotiate a budding romance with a man who just may not be available and counter a disaster at the office. Delilah goes from one blunder to another and it will take a bit more than charm and ingenuity to come out on top.

This reviewer really enjoyed this story. Itís entertaining, witty and fun. The heroine is likeable and the reader can relate to her. This is a woman who is comfortable in her skin, even if she is a bit larger in size than the usual romance novel heroines. This reviewer especially liked the banter between the characters. Snappy and full of humor, this reviewer often smiled while reading. The plot moves nicely along and is captivating. There are two reasons this reviewer did not give this book a higher rating. One, most of the story is written in the simple present which threw this reviewer off. Second, there were some scene changes that this reviewer found a tad confusing. Apart from this, the story was well worth the read and this reviewer would recommend it.
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From Chick Lit Readers' Advisory
Delilah White, a Domestic Diva, is up for promotion at her network. Unfortunately her rival is an uber-witch who tries to sabotage Delilah at every turn, even away from the office. When they end up on the same weekend getaway, Delilah, a fresh and realistic chick lit heroine, balances a budding romance and her career with much humor and charm.
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From The Public Library of Cincinnati
A clever, likeable heroine and an energetic New York setting make this debut a stand-out in the crowded field of chick lit. 33-year-old Delilah White is finally up for a promotion at Domestic Bliss, the lifestyle show she helps produce. Her main competition? Margo Hart, a predatory, rail-thin redhead who isn't above using a little sabotage to get the job. When Delilah escapes to the Catskills for a little R&R, Margo follows, and the two square off over not only the job but Delilah's new love interest, Jack. A lighthearted and fun read.
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From Living Read Girl
The Perfectly True Tales of a Perfect Size 12 by Robin Gold takes place during a Fourth of July weekend as Delilah White joins her friend Sofia for her family's annual celebration to unwind from the stress of competing for a top producer position on the popular show Domestic Bliss with archrival Margo Hart.

Unfortunately, Margo decides to accept Sofia's invite at the last minute and even though a truce is declared, sneak attacks are launched against Delilah in more ways than one. One of those ways involves Jack, a cousin of Sofia's who has an eye for Delilah and their budding romance hits a few bumps, thanks to Margo. As the title indicates, Delilah is not a skinny minnie, but she's not over-concerned with that fact and is even quite proud of it at times, which is nicely refreshing. Perfectly True Tales is a perfectly charming read for any day of the year and hopefully we'll see more from Robin Gold very soon.

Gemma Townley, Author of Little White Lies and Learning Curves
"This is one for the girls - as breezy and infectiously charming as its perfect size 12 heroine."

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